The Kilmora Name

Berberis aristata or Indian barberry is a deciduous evergreen shrub. 

Kilmora is found in the temperate and sub-tropical regions and is native to the Himalayas in India and Nepal. 

“After climbing some 1,500 feet, we emerged from the forest on to a shoulder where I found monkshood in seed, then traversed steep hillsides covered here and there in juniper and berberis (B. Aristata)” 

– The Valley of Flowers: An outstanding Himalayan climbing Season, Frank Smythe

At this altitude, near 7,000 feet, the trail passes among oaks…This cloud forest – who knows? – may hide a yeti. At the wood edge, alder and ilex, viburnum, barbery, and rhododendron, daisies and everlasting wild strawberry…” 

– The Snow Leopard, Peter Matthiessen


The fresh roots of Kilmora are used for curing diabetes and jaundice and also reported to possess anti-cancer properties. The stems are recommended in cure of rheumatism.  The berries  are  mildly  laxative.

When we were considering names for our brand, Kishan Nayal, a forestry specialist with CHIRAG, came up with the name ‘Kilmora.’ According to Kishan, the name reflects the close association of our organisation with nature and hopes that this name will help in the  conservation of Kilmora