Our Retail Outlets

We have three retail outlets in Uttarakhand. Besides carrying the Kilmora range, these shops encourage similar organizations by also keeping a selection of their products.

Sitla Village (near Mukteshwar, Nainital district, Uttarakhand)
Located in a traditional village house, the shop at Sitla village has become a landmark for tourists visiting the Mukteshwar area. 

Kilmora Store at Sitla

Sargakhet, Nainital district, Uttarakhand
The store at Sargakhet village is located opposite the Chirag Hospital, a few kilometers from Mukteshwar towards Almora via Sitla.

Kilmora Store at Sargakhet

Kasardevi, Almora district, Uttarakhand
The store at Kasardevi is the latest addition to our retail outlets, which was launched in October 2016. It is located on the way to Binsar from Almora.

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