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  • Pahadi Til (Mixed Sesame Seeds) i- two packets and some loose seeds displayed

    Pahadi Til (Himalayan Sesame Seeds)


    Nutritious, a good source of fibre, high in energy, containing healthy fats…
    The list is long and we are sure you have read of the benefits of incorporating sesame seeds into your daily diet.
    What one forgets is how delicious and nutty these seeds are. Use them in baking, make a til chutney, toast them lightly and add them to your salads, use it in tempuras and stir fries…

    Kilmora’s Pahadi Til has been sourced from small farmers who have almost stopped growing it.
    We encourage small and marginal farmers to grow traditional crops that take well to the increasing affects of climate change one is seeing here in the mountains.

    So, while these seeds are good for our health, they are also equally beneficial to our farmers.
    Get healthy on deliciousness and keep traditions alive in the hills.

    Available in 100gm packaging.

    Kilmora’s culinary herbs, grains, and spices are temporarily out of stock. We had torrential rains and a cloudburst as a result of which all our stock was washed away. We’re working rapidly to resume operations and our agri-products will soon be available. Follow us on social media for the latest updates.

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