Reinvesting in the Community

KGU’s products benefit directly the community directly. Our agricultural products are sourced directly from farmers and we strive to pay our artisans a fair wage.

We also help maximize the returns to rural producers- training the localites with required skill set, finishing the textiles locally, and using local expertise in the value-addition processes of apricot kernel.

In a region largely dependent on subsistence agriculture and a variable fruit crop, KGU’s outreach gives a meaningful income to the families it is involved with.

For our weavers, round-the-year income enables them to think of better futures for their children and themselves. For many of the producers taking home supplementary earnings – the knitters or women farmers who have no other means of earning on their own – the income generated by their work at KGU, gives them greater control over their lives.


Apart from the direct wage generating and marketing activities, KGU also contributes to concrete and tangible community development projects. At present, these include contributions towards two major initiatives of the Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (Chirag): an eight-bed hospital in Sargakhet village, and a rural primary school that has been functioning since 2004 in Simayal village, Nainital District.

Our Address:

Kumaun Grameen Udyog
PO Kasiyalekh, District Nainital, Uttarakhand 263137, India.

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