Cereals, Grains and Spices

KGU (Kumaun Grameen Udyog) has begun marketing pesticide-free, naturally-grown cereals and spices traditional to the region. These include black soybean, white soybean, rajma, chillies, milled corn and millet (madua or ragi).

Naturally Grown Cereals and Spices grown in the Kumaun Himalaya

Culinary Herbs

Conditions in the Kumaun region are conducive to grow a variety of kitchen herbs. Our herbs are sourced from farmers, who have been provided with technical support to grow herbs on marginal lands on their farms using only natural inputs. The collected herbs are shade-dried to preserve colour and freshness and packaged for retail or wholesale consumption. The following Herbs are available from Kilmora. Click here to read more about Culinary Herbs offered by Kilmora.

A Selection of Kilmora Herbs

Processed Foods

We now produce and market a variety of processed foods such as jams and chutneys (using fruits available in the region, such as apricot, peach, plum, and apple).

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